2013 Whips

Unified continuous rocker
Atomic core
Asymmetrical core channels
Adjustable bolt-on lucid fins
New fastrack™
Singleshot™ fusion rail
Park-ready tune™
Ultra-glide base 
Sliderite™ chined rails
4d graphics
Hand-built in the usa

Sizes: 135cm, 139cm, 143cm

Featuring channels, rails and fins influenced by Aerospace technology, the Whip rides fast, efficient and focused. Delivering magnified flex performance, this premium core releases stored energy lightning-quick and more forcefully than ever by offering increased edging power and maintaining momentum on flat landings. Engineered to ride with or without bolt-on fins, this board pops hard on ollies, whips into the air on cable, slides right on rails and even boosts big off any wake.

135 cm — 2.45 in.
139 cm — 2.65 in.
143 cm — 2.85 in.

135 cm — 19.25 to 26.5 in.
139 cm — 21.25 to 26.5 in.
143 cm — 21.25 to 28.5 in.

(4) — 6” x .75” Lucid Wake Fin