Riding Style:
wake and surf influenced

anti-regular aka goofy

Favorite riding spots:
Hatteras, Hood River, Perth, Ski Rixen.

Ideal conditions:
offshores in the morning with 6ft peeling lefts, wind picks up to 20 knots at noon side-off, glasses off for late arvo sesh at cable with no lines on the dock. And of course, girls in bikinis everywhere holding Oil Cans for me.

Dream destination:
wherever that place is I just mentioned above

Foot/Drink about to be consumed:
a Fosters Oil Can and a choice steak

a Her name will not be mentioned here nor will you believe me ;)Shout Out!Ski Rixen for being the best cable park around! Morris Abreu, thanks for your help mate! My Dad for my inspiration. Foster's for making the largest can of beer! Dakine.