2013 Darko


Board Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm

With a completely redesigned base featuring our full wood core and molded channels, the 2013 Darko is the latest in flex technology. This premium core delivers massive pop and power with added stability, faster response, aggressive edging power and maximum durability.

Stiffer in the tip and tail, the Darko provides a snappier feel and better response, delivering next-level performance. The new 60/40 High Cap Rail creates more traction on the water and crisper release. With the new, pulled in tip outline, the board carves through any condition from wicked chop to butter smooth swell. Whether you’re looking for hard core freestyle or progressive crossover riding, the Darko is a killer board.

134 x 41.1 cm (36.2 cm at tip/tail)
138 x 42.4 cm (37.2 cm at tip/tail)
142 x 43.6 cm (38.2 cm at tip/tail)